Lifetime Warranty Policy

Gunter Wilhelm Outlet offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser or gift recipient of their products.

Warranty Scope

This warranty covers all parts of the product (some exceptions apply) and protects against material or workmanship defects during normal use within the USA. Normal use is defined as culinary activities intended by Gunter Wilhelm and excludes the activities listed in the exclusions.


The warranty does not cover:

Damage from unauthorized alterations, misuse, neglect, natural disasters (e.g., fires, earthquakes), accidents (like dropping), or improper use (such as cutting frozen foods or bones or using on hard surfaces like glass or granite).

Damage due to professional sharpening services or tools.

Neglect or misuse as per Gunter Wilhelm’s Use & Care instructions, like dishwasher use, exposure to heat, or outdoor storage.

Wooden components or handles, as wood is naturally variable.

Sharpening tools and honing steels, due to their abrasive nature.

Normal wear and tear like dullness, bending, scratching, corrosion, or marks on blades.


If a defect covered by this warranty is confirmed, Gunter Wilhelm will replace the item with an equivalent product. Exact replacements are not guaranteed.


This warranty replaces all other warranties. Implied warranties are limited to the lifetime of the product. Warranty claims must be made within the product's lifetime. Gunter Wilhelm is not liable for indirect damages from warranty breaches. Warranty terms cannot be altered by any Gunter Wilhelm representative.

Coverage Period Specifics

  • Quest Cutlery is not covered by the warranty.
  • Refurbished items have a five-year warranty, excluding scratches or marks.
  • Clearance products have a five-year warranty.

Replacement Service

If a replacement is needed, the product may not be exactly the same as the original due to inventory variations.