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Vegetable Cleaver 7" in Gift Box Reddish ABS

Vegetable Cleaver 7" in Gift Box Reddish ABS

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Gunter Wilhelm's Reddish ABS Series Asian/Vegetable Cleaver 7" in Elegant Gift Box is crafted meticulously with state-of-the-art technologies from premium high-carbon steel, bringing a new level of mastery to the art of slicing. The handle features a Full Triple Tang design ensuring optimal balance, control, and precision during use with a beautiful Reddish ABS handle, providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

The Asian Vegetable Cleaver/Knife is an Asian-style cooking knife designed with a scalloped blade, optimized for chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables as well as slicing cooked meats. Its wide blade allows for easy scooping of the chopped or diced food, making it convenient to transfer into the cooking pot or serving bowl. However, it should not be used for chopping bones.
  • Forged with precision from 440/X50CrMoV15 High-Carbon German Steel in China.
  • Multi-stage optimized Ice-Hardening heat treatment enhances durability and flexibility.
  • 20-22 degree angled blade edge, sharp heel, and smooth spine for precise cutting.
  • Patented Full Triple Tang (steel) with Reddish injected quality ABS Polymer and 4 rivets ensure optimal balance.
  • Durable, long-lasting edge with easy maintenance.
  • Crafted with one-piece unit construction for strength and durability.
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
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Model: ORE-2810-G

  • Blade Knife Steel: Premium 440/X50CrMoV15 German Steel
  • Edge Type: Straight Edge
  • Blade Hardness (HRC): 55 +/-2 HRC
  • Blade Angle: 20-22° Angled Blade Edge
  • Handle Type: Full Triple Tang Steel, Injected Reddish ABS Polymer
  • Method: Forged
  • Made in: China
  • Blade Length: 7"
  • Handle Length: 5"
  • Weight: 0.869 lb

    Use & Care 

    • Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal, or glass.
    • Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent, then rinse and dry immediately.
    • Maintain the knife's cutting edge by regularly using a honing steel.
    • Sharpen as needed; with regular use and honing, sharpening may only be necessary once or twice a year.
    Visit our Use & Care page for more care instructions.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    John C.
    Solid, sharp knife at a

    Solid, sharp knife at a fair price

    Chuck A.
    The knife is a work

    The knife is a work of quality. No disappointment whatsoever.

    Deborah M.

    Gave this knife as a gift but it appeared to be everything I expected it to be.